Thursday, 28 January 2010

Free Moss Rib Tea Cosy Pattern

Tea Cosy
in Moss Rib Stitch

Following on from my 'Tea and Cosy Love' day, I attempted to knit a tea cosy in
moss rib stitch which I love and this is the result.

To create
Moss Rib Stitch

CO:   multipes of 4sts + 1 sts     to desired size

Row 1 : (right side)   K2, (P1, K3) till last 3 stitches, then P1, K2

Row 2:  P1,( K3,  P1) to the end

then repeat these two rows to create the repeat pattern

I didn't have a pattern to follow so I knitted two rectangles, starting with 12 rows of stocking stitch and then the moss rib repeat to the end.  I didn't have a pattern to give me shaping so I just stitched the top to form the shape.  I think I made it slightly too big in size so for for future attempts I will reduce the number of stitches.

However,  since knitting this, I found a FREE vintage pattern
called the 'Happy Thought Tea Cosy' which looks worth having
a go at and can be downloaded in a PDF file.

For those of you who are not familiar with the
Victoria and Albert Museum website,
it is worth a look as it has a brilliant resource on knitting.

Bee x

p.s  don't forget to take a look at the
where you can put pictures of your work relating to tea,
 tea cosies, mug cosies, blankets, cushions teapots and cups, cakes
and all things cosy from any craft.

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H said...

i love your blog, such gorgeous things! i love the idea that you take old pictures and try to recreate vintage patterns. beautiful!

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