Tuesday, 25 May 2010

When crisis strikes ....... crochet!

What a few days I've had ............. hospital revealed that my stomach is normal! 
So no idea what is going on there and I am fed up with waiting to find out what's wrong.
I'm now waiting again for a letter to drop through the letterbox for the follow up appointment.

I had my dear mum to stay as well, mainly she was doing her mumsy thing in looking after me,
which involved me looking after her too! 

With all this going on, I needed to do something to take my mind of it all and in times of crisis, out come the crochet hooks and balls of beautiful coloured wool.

You may remember me starting a blanket in the winter, well I am still doing it. 
I'm on the downward slope now towards the finishing line.
On Sunday, I spent a lovely, carefree afternoon and evening,
 crocheting squares, one by one. 

I think it is amazing how something so simple as crafting, especially crochet,
 can eleviate troubles and tension whilst creating something special.

Bee x

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winnibriggs said...

Hope you soon get sorted, at least the initial result is encouraging. The crocheted squares look great, can't wait to see the finished article.

Anonymous said...

good new from the doctors! I find quilting or knitting works for me, so absorbing.

Bee said...

thank you - yes good news but also frustrating as still in pain.

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