Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thrifty Finds Thursday

Retro Floral Finds

I wonder how many of you like searching for thrifty finds regularly? 
I normally go every week, but as I have been poorly I have had withdrawal symptoms, as I haven't been for about three weeks.  So yesterday, I had a great time rummaging about in a second hand clothing store, near my parents, whilst on a visit to them.  I escaped for a bit of 'me time' as things were a bit tense between my mum and dad, as my dad had lost his mobile phone, which he uses for business!  Thankfully, my mum informed me he found it this morning!  Relief!!  I think my mum was relieved too! lol

tablecloth close up

Anyway, I found some lovely linens to use in my work with a retro feel, and a beautiful hand embroidered tablecloth and napkin set with a view to cutting it up into small pieces, but it is far too beautiful for that.
 I realise it now, as you will see from my pics...........

tea fit for a queen

Has anyone got anything they have bought from a charity shop, thrifty store, car boot sale or jumble sale, ebay etc that they really love and could bear to part with and perhaps couldn't  have found using the  conventional shopping methods?  It would be interesting to know. 

all crockery and books vintage finds

Anyway, it's tea, fit for a queen, I think, just in case she decides to pop by......well, at least for me, in style!

Bee x

o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o

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LittleRed said...

I've seen people make such beautiful things from cut up thrifted linens, and have gone out looking for nice embroidered linens to do just that sort of thing with.......but I have yet to find something that I can bear to cut up.

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