Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday Favourites ..... Things I would like to Own

Some larger items I would like to own

Upon my travels through my 'virtual journey' and amongst the web of beautiful photos,
I've come across so many things I would like to own,
so I thought I would show you a few of the wonders
that I swoon over .......... and think one day, I might own!
(if I have the room!)

My grandad and gran had a campervan when I was growing up and I loved going for trips out in this, especially when we used to pull up and put on a brew!

My parents have a caravan and I used to go on holidays in one, by the sea.  I would love to own one to make it into a garden studio, customised by my own fair hands, of course.

I have never been on a narrow boat which is a house boat, I would love to go on holiday on one of these as I like the idea of taking things very slowly on the water.

As you know I love my tea and really love going to tea shops for afternoon tea. I would love to own a tea shop that is combined with knitting and crocheting, and of course cake, and chocolate!
What a combination! lol

As for the Bug car, I have always thought these were fun cars and very girly especially the ones with a flower holder by the stearing wheel.

Gypsy Caravans look so beautiful and I think if I have enough space in my garden I would love one at the bottom of it, as a sanctuary of peace and quiet, to relax in at the end of the day.

So there are my lovely finds. If anyone owns one of the above, it would be great to hear about it or about anything else one covets ............

Bee x

o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o


H said...

your post is so full of everything i love!

am going on a vintage-inspired hen do in may to the isle of wight

you'd love it!

Bee said...

Hi H,

Wow! You were right, I love it. I think I will put a post up about the site. Thanks for forwarding it to me. It looks like you will have a great time in May. Bee x

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