Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Knitting a cute little dress

I've been knitting again ....

 I had forgotten how much I like to knit as I have been crocheting like mad recently. 

picture of finished dress in Claire Montgomerie's book

I started this 'ittle dress'in April and
knitted away until my wrist started hurting and put is down until the weekend,
when I decided I really needed to get my needles clicking again.
It is a present for my other half's great niece
 as she is being christened in a few weeks.
I think I work better under a bit of pressure as I need a deadline,
otherwise, I tend to take my time and I put things off. 

I am using Sirdar Supersoft Aran in Apple Green and Raspberry as I thought these were a lovely fun combination, on size 5mm needles.

The pattern comes from Claire Montgomerie's Easy Baby Knits book which is full of easy, very beautiful knits for babies, suitable for beginner knitters (or those who like straight forward patterns like me and love baby knits).

so far I have finished the front ......

and have started the back so I am well on my way now!

I will keep you posted on the finished dress.

bee x

o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o


magie said...

Such a sweet looking dress pattern. I am looking forward to seeing the finished dress :) I like the two colour combinations you have gone for. I need to practice my the moment my skill level is low. I can only do a very simple scarf (no fancy patterns or no colour changes..haha :P).

Bee said...

Well its a start :P)! I just go feet first and hope for the best with my knitting. I'm not very good at concentrating on something that is going to take me ages as my interestwains. So I keep to smaller project. Keep practicing you'll get there. Bee x

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