Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday Round Up

You may have noticed that I have been updating the blog and added some new features, like the link within widget, which I think is a brilliant little tool to show off your old blog posts to readers that they may find interesting.  I have added some search features, and rss feed, but still working how to create a button for 'grab my button'!  I think I've mastered it but not 100% sure so may be a work in progress!  I am trying to keep up-to-date on the blogasphere!!

I've been enjoying taking photos wherever I go for 'The August Break 2011' photo challenge.  Although I haven't managed to go very far as yet.  So far, I've been to the forest and back, with Buzz for his daily walkies, as it is so lovely and cool!  

my local forest

Today's pictures, however, come from my front garden, the lavender is out in full bloom and the bees are lovin' it!

August Break Day 3
 Lavender in my Garden

 Lavender Bees

Lavender Blue
I've been in the mood for nesting and sorting things out in my flat and clearing the decks so to speak, so not much crocheting or crafting has been done this week so far. 
I have a beautifully ordered wardrobe now, not sure how long it will stay this way as it seems to get in a mess rather quickly. 
 I have bought a few new things for my flat, a rapid boil kettle which is fab,
 so I can have a cuppa in double quick time,
a new shower curtain and an all important loo brush for my little shower room,
all in the sale, so I saved a few bob!!

 and a little reminder ..........



 enter my blog giveaway by sending me a link to your favourite tutorial,
you have until Friday 5th August 2011 to enter so hurry! (Click the link to find out more).

bee x

o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o


Vintage Milly said...

Ooh lovely pictures Bee, love that lavender, I can almost smell it, mmmmm!
have a great day and enjoy a tidy wardrobe, if it is anything like mine it wont stay that way for long, tee hee,

magie said...

The photo challenge sounds like fun :) What lovely lavender! I love lavender but unfortunately it doesn't like me very much (one of the things I am allergic to). Enjoy your tea in your new super fast kettle!

magie said...

Hi Bee..I just wanted to let you know, that the museum I went to was the one in Burwell Cambridgeshire. What a small world :) It was my first time there (though I do live in Cambridgeshire). I will have to explore some of the places to go walking there.

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