Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Riverwalk Photos

The August Break day 17
in the rain!


LittleGem said...

Hiya, thanks for the comment on my blog the other day, I agree about Norfolk, just so pretty and something so nice about it. A lot of people I know say it feels like "home" to them, even though they don't live there!!!
P.S lovely photos in this post x

magie said...

Stunning photo's..well worth braving the wet and rainy weather for! I really like the first photo with the rain drop in the water, with the reflection of the tree leaves :)

Bee said...

thank you for the lovely comments on the photos.

bibbitybob said...

Gorgeous photos! I just came across your blog and thought I'd stop by and say 'hello' :) x

Sam Findlay said...

Hi Bee!
Great photo's! Just to let you know I have just awarded you the Versitile Blogger Award on my blog! Please check it out and I hope you accept!

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