Friday, 3 June 2011

Breaking News

Buzz dog snow watching

It is hard to believe that we had such a bad winter, on a day like today, but cast your minds back to December 2010, the 3rd, to be precise.  This was the day that my life and craft life went a bit pear shaped.  It had snowed the day before, and then over night, and froze again.  Making the paths very slippery.  As I had an appointment at the doctors, I thought, 'come on gal, put your wellies on and walk'! 

Big Mistake

I slipped on an icy patch on a downward slope and landed on my wrist and couldn't get up.  A couple of lovely people helped me up and took me to the doctors.  However, I ended up in A&E with alot of other people with leg and arm injuries! 

It turned out, after about 4 hours of waiting, I had fractured my wrist in several places and smashed it up so badly I needed surgery!  All I wanted to do was to go home to see if Buzz dog was ok, but I was informed that I had to stay! After 5 days in hospital, I was finally allowed to go home with a new accessory, a metal plate and pins holding all the bones together.

After a lot of pain, rest and exercise, I am now pleased to say that it is back to a 'new' normal!  It won't ever be the same again or like my good wrist but it is pretty good, and functional, thankfully!

The wounded

So not much crafting has been done, but I am getting 'back in the saddle' so to speak and hoping to get going again soon.  I've missed it.  I did think my crafting days were over so it is brilliant to feel that I can do it again.

Much to my amusement, I was informed by the A&E nurse who admitted me that the injury I did, is called the 'Granny' injury, as it is usually old ladies who fall over and break their wrist! (I am nearly 40, not quite granny status yet).  Well, I  thought on occasion, I could be perceived as a 'bit of a granny', with my crocheting and knitting I do, so that's cool! 

Anyway, enjoy the lovely sunshine we are having now and I should be back soon.

bee x

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Sam Findlay said...

Glad to hear your getting back to normal again. I can understand how you feel as I broke my wrist last August and was in cast for 2 months and off work for 3 months. I really missed crafting and realised how much a part of my life it is. Hope you enjoy getting back into everything and wishing you all the best xx

Anonymous said...

great news that you are back and well! Never heard of a broken wrist as a granny injury, makes sense I suppose.

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