Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Upcycling a wicker basket

I've been wondering where our summer has gone, it appears to have taken a break and I am fed up with the rain and the overcast days now. 
I know we should be grateful for it as the land needs it, so the farmers say,
but it seems to come all at once, instead of being sensible,
 and spreading itself out a bit.

Despite the weather being a bit dodgy, I 've still managed to get out and take Buzz for a walk.  He doesn't like the thunder though.  He shakes like a leaf and wants alot of cuddles.  Bless his little paws!

Buzz enjoying his bed when it was sunny!

He's got a new bed which I upcycled from an old wicker dog basket in need of some love. 
I was inspired by some painted wicker baskets I spotted on a visit to a Cath Kidston store.
I removed the blue fabric lining and gave it a good wash and left it to dry.
Then with can in hand, I spray painted it red and whipped up a cushion out of some vintage Sanderson floral fabric which I found in a charity shop recently which goes brilliantly with the red paint. I love the final result and Buzz does too!



Woof Woof Mum thank you!

Buzz catching the rays in his new bed

Anyone got any upcycling ideas they love that they want to share?

bee x

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Anonymous said...

Great basket make over, do hope Buzz loves it. Certainly looks that way!

Vintage Milly said...

Hi Bee, what a gorgeous project you made for Buzz, he looks so proud of his new little bed,

Bee said...

thanks for the lovely comments, I am pleased with the end result as he loves it bee x

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