Monday, 27 June 2011

Big Crochet Flowers

Last week, you might remember me telling you that I was working on some over sized crochet flowers, to make into corsages and hair accessories, for my little shop, well here are the final ones ......I will be adding them to the shop shortly.

Crochet Roses

 These sparked off my interest in looking for crochet flower patterns and I found this one in Loop's Vintage Crochet book by Susan Cropper, which is full of beautiful patterns to crochet. 

The pattern is called Peony Corsage and is written by Kate Jenkins

I love the final results, it was fairly easy to crochet and stitch together. 
I used aran yarn so it changed the scale to make it larger than suggested. 

Peony Corsage

I think I will be whipping up some more of these as I think you will agree, it is stunning.

I hope you all had a good weekend

Bee x

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Sam Findlay said...

These are gorgeous, the colours are fab! I just love knitted/crochet flowers!

Bee said...

thank you i'm glad you like them beex

LittleRed said...

Just beautiful. I love them! I am camping with my family on the way to Vancouver Island and we have WiFi tonight. Glad I caught your post!

Bee said...

Wow that sounds wonderful, I hope you have a lovely time, thanks for stopping by to comment. bee x

Mercedes said...

I like this beautiful flowers to combine with my jewelery :)

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