Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Mary Jane Slippers .....

I'm loving my new hand crocheted 'Mary Jane' slippers
They are very comfortable and cosy,
just right to keep my little tootsies from dropping off!

They were quick to crochet and the Good Knits pattern was very easy to follow. 
I made a few adjustments to the number of rows I did to get the length and I also improvised by adding the tab at the front for interest. 

I love the brown grandad leather buttons, that I found in a charity shop recently, which I added for decorative purposes.

I think I will crochet some more soon. 
They would make a great gift for someone too.

bee x

o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o


Sam Findlay said...

They look great!

Sam Findlay said...

Thank you for adding me to your "take a peek"! X

Kathleen said...

Those are adorable, I love the way you did the tab-and-button. I may have to try this pattern.

Bee said...

Hi Kathleen, let me know if you need instructions for the tab, I've written it down. bee x

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