Friday, 18 December 2009

Creative Chaos

I appear to have got myself into a lot of
mischief and created chaos,
amongst the makings of the christmas gifts,
which will have to be tidied before the
festivities of the season can commence.

I've got a couple of days grace
before my man and family decend upon me,
so I can wallow a little bit longer
in my cosy creative pit.

As hard as I try to keep it tidy,
it never seems to happen for very long.
I think the 'creative mind of its own',
 conjures up the mess,
so that it feels at home,
warm and cosy,
wrapped up in the 'blanket of chaos'.

It feels secure and pampered enough to create
beautiful objects,
from the depths of a dispair,
like jewels shining through all the junk,
making the mess, and the tidying, 
all worthwhile.


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