Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Crochet Garland Tutorial

Christmas Crochet Garland Tutorial

I have enjoyed crocheting this garland and wanted something a little less traditional so I chose bright colours which are incorporated in my living room. This garland consists of three differently crocheted strands in various colours. I chose cream, fushia and teal but it would look good in any colourway.

Items Required to make Garland:

1 Size 6 / US J Crochet Hook
3 different coloured wools (chunky or double up stands of DK wool)
Darning Needle for sewing in ends


first strand (shown here in cream)
(I used a chunky pure wool)

1. Crochet a chain any desired length
(I made mine 340 cms)

2. At beginning of Chain, insert hook into 12th chain and join to form a loop.

3. slip stitch around loop until all of the loop is covered. (This creates a hoop for hanging if desired) (optional)

4. At the 13th chain (beginning of the rest of the chain), Double Crochet into next 30 chain sts. Then make Chain 12sts long and join to form loop. Slip Stitch around loop until covered.

5. Repeat DC for next 30 chain stitches*
Repeat loop and slip stitch

6. Repeat pattern from here *
(dc stitches and loop) until all the foundation chain is covered.

7. At end of foundation chain, make 12 chain stitches, slip stitch into last DC stitch to form a loop. Slip Stitch around loop to form a hanging loop, if desired.

Second Strand (shown here in Fushia Pink)

Make a foundation chain desired length
(I made mine 360 cms in length slightly longer than the
cream strand for drape)

I used Double Knitting Wool and doubled up the strands to
make the wool chunky.

1. DC into first 14 chain stitches

2. At next chain stitch, *make 5 DC into the same stitch. At last DC stitch made, pull loop out lose and remove hook, reinsert hook at the beginning of the first DC and then into the loop and pull yarn through*. This forms the bobble (known as pop corn stitch).

3. At next chain, DC into the next 12 chains and then repeat the bobble* (as shown in * * above).

4. Repeat stages 3 as above until all the chain is covered.

Third Strand (shown here in Teal Green)
(again I used double knit wool, doubled up)

1. Create a foundation chain the desired length
(I made mine 380 cms)

2. DC into the first 12 chains, then make 7 chains.
Make another 3 chain stitches, insert hook at first of 3 chains to form a bobble and then make another 7 chains and slip stitch in to DC to create a loop.

3. Repeat stage 2 until all the foundation chain is complete.


join all three strands together and hang


Hang with clear fairy lights
Make pom poms to hang off the strands
Or place Christmas Cards on the strands

Please email me if you have any questions regarding this pattern. I will do my best to help.

Crochet away until your heart's content!

Crochet Christmas Garland

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