Tuesday 8 January 2013

Easy Peasy Granny Crochet Cowl Pattern

Here's a little treat for you, a free pattern, designed by my own fair little hands for my
 'Easy Peasy Cheery Granny Crochet Cowl'.
I am so fed up with the dull, damp and dark days were are having this winter, I wanted to lash out and wear something colourful around my neck when I am wearing my black winter coat. 

So here it is:


By Bee & Buzz copyright 2013
Skill Level
Techniques Required
Working in the Round
Stitches & Abbreviations
Chain       ch
Slip Stitch ss
Treble      tr
Stitch      st
Repeat    *rep

This pattern uses UK crochet terminology

4mm Crochet Hook 

A selection of DK weight yarn 
6 different colours
I used yarns from my stash, Robin DK, Patons Fab and Sirdar Snuggly DK
Red (A)
Pink (B)
Cream (C)
Blue (D)
Green (E)
Yellow (F)

The whole project uses about 100grams of yarn so great for using up yarn left over from other projects.
Darning Needle

With Yarn A, CO 132 ch. Join with ss to create a circle. Alternatively, if you find it easier, join when you have finished round 1 to top of 3 starting chain with a ss and use darning needle to stitch tail end to bottom of first treble stitch. This helps to avoid twisting your work.
Round 1:

Still using Yarn A, Insert hook into 3rd ch from hook, (this creates the first tr), then make 2 tr into same ch, miss 2 ch, *3 tr into next ch, miss 2 ch, *repeat to end. Join with ss to top of first st. Cut yarn, pull end through loop with hook.

Round 2:
With Yarn B, rejoin yarn. Make 3 ch, 2 tr into same space. *Miss 3 tr cluster, in next space make 3 tr, *repeat to end. Join with ss to top of first 3ch. Cut yarn, pull through loop to finish.
Round 3:
With Yarn C, rejoin yarn and repeat instructions in round 2.
Round 4:
With Yarn D, rejoin yarn and repeat instructions in round 2.
Round 5:
With Yarn E, rejoin yarn and repeat instructions in round 2.
Round 6:
With Yarn F, rejoin yarn and repeat instructions in round 2.
Rounds 1 - 6 above make up the colour repeat and the pattern.
Rounds 7 - 12:
Repeat rounds 1 - 6 above.
Rounds 12 - 18:
Repeat rounds 1 - 6 once more.
This completes the cowl.
To finish:
Work in ends with a darning needle.

Your cowl is now complete and you can wear it cheerily with a happy smile on your face, knowing it’s a product of all your hard work and happy hooking!

If you have a go at it and want to send me a picture of your finished item, I would love to see your efforts.
Bee x
o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o


lanelynn said...

This is lovely, I will be making this over the weekend for my niece!!! New follower Lane xx

Unknown said...

Hi Lane, that is really nice to hear, I hope your niece likes it. Bee x

Sara said...

This is so pretty! A new favorite for me. Hope you won't mind me linking up at Tangled Happy tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing your colorful granny cowl pattern! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sara, thank you for putting a link on your blog. I am glad you like it. Bee x

mau said...

This is just awesome!!
simple and fab..will surely make this..Thanks to you and sara for sharing !!

Pami said...

thanks for the pattern!!!
lovely colours - feels like summer´s near :-)

Tami said...

Your cowl is beautiful this is something I will attempt I usually stay away from cowls as they look hard your instructions are clear and wonderful I'm a brand new follower as of right now was lead here from tangled happy blog

Unknown said...

Hi to Tami, Pami and Mau. Thanks for your lovely comments. bee x

Ilona said...

Beautiful cowl!
Thank you for sharing your pattern. I just made one cowl for me.


Michelle said...

Hi there!

I made this cowl last night, however instead of making it in the round, I made it as one flat piece with buttons to close it up. I do not know how to add a photo here otherwise I would send you a picture.

It was a great pattern with easy instructions.

Thank you very much!

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