Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Homestyle Sewing Bookazine Review

I was delighted to be sent a copy of  a beautiful and lovely sewing bookazine, Homestyle Sewing, published by Immediate Media Company for me to review. 
What struck me immediately, was the amount of good quality projects and the fact that it is jam packed with selection of projects for the every sewer from beginner to more advanced. 

Apart from only two pages taken up with adverts (which is extremely unusual), a 'things to do, places to go' section
and an article on individuals discussing
how they utilise Pinterest to their own style,
all  other pages are full of beautiful, and stunning photographs, comprehensive step by step guides and  'you will need' lists for each project. 

Every issue comes with a very comprehensive kit that relates to one of the major projects included in the issue.  The projects aren't Christmasy, apart from the Felt Folk Decorations, so they have longevity and can be used for gifts for all other occasions and for all.
 So I think that it is value for money in that respect and it is one that you will want to keep and refer back to again and again.  If you are anything like me, I keep all my magazines and often find inspiration in forgotten projects that I've had tucked away and it helps me to get my creativity flowing again.    
In particular, this issue comes with a pack for all one needs to make the 8 felt Christmas decorations (Shown below). I can't wait to have a go at making these as they look stunning. I love folk style decorations. I will show you later in the week my efforts so pop back soon to take a peek!
Homestyle Sewing was launched at the end of 2009 also with Christmas special.  
Since then, there have been 6 special seasonal issues so it is available twice a year and each issue comes with an assortment of free gifts.
So at £7.99 it is very good value. 
If anyone wants to get their hands on a copy,
you can order one, just click on the magazine cover at the top of the blog post for a link to the subscription page.

Bee x

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen this magazine before, thanks for the review.

Bee said...

Hi Two Hippos, Me too, its lovely and a really good one to have. lots of lovely projects.

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