Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pinning and Posting

A bit of all sorts ............
I don't know where the week has gone already. I seem to have been really busy sorting stuff out and not a lot to show for my efforts ...... bet you know the feeling!
Anyway, I have been getting the hang of Facebook and posting lots of lovely finds on my time line page.
I have been PINNING on Pinterest
If you haven't already tried it, they have opened up the site to anyone who wants to join now, as opposed to by invitation only.
Check my Pinterest boards out for links to tutorials on all crafty things, including crochet and knitting.
I've managed to get some crochet time in and finish the cushion covers I was working on ............
The first one, I have named the
Liquorish Allsort cushion
as I definitely agree with Two Hippo's comment on the colours in my previous post and every time I look at it now, it makes me think of them!  
 The edging

 the front

 A close up of the popcorn stitch block

The reverse
The next crochet cushion I made for my dear mum for a pressie to make her smile, she loves my work and is my biggest fan!
 I like the diagonal holes

 I thought I would try ties instead of buttons as a closure and I think they have worked!

The front and back are the same, I must have been having a pink and purple moment!
I am also in the process of trying to get the hang of a new camera and have been experimenting with the functions. 
So actually, I think I have had a rather productive week!! :)
bee x
o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x

1 comment:

magie said...

I like the 'licorice all sorts' cushion cover, such pretty colours. Makes me craves some licorice all sorts now :P
Have a lovely weekend x

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