Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Crochet Blocks ........

The best thing when the creative juices are not flowing too freely is to try something new, so I've been playing with some new crochet block patterns, from Heather Lodinsky's 150 Blocks to Knit & Crochet.

The first one I tried out was number 30, the Double Crochet Square. It started out as a lovely bright pink square with accentuated holes at the corners, but as my mojo returned, it has ended up as a purple and pink square. It will make a great cushion cover just as soon as I have made the reverse. 

The other was number 8, the Popcorn Circle, a textured bobble stitch combination in two colours.  This is now turning into a granny square cushion cover too, in some lovely bright colours, pinks, purple and bright yellow and proving to be cheery and sweet.

I would recommend Heather's book as it is full of great block patterns, I have used it a lot since I got it for Christmas.

bee x

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the squares, the colours remind me of liquorish alsorts!

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