Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Stomach Trouble & Shop Update

Buzz Dog

As Buzz dog was in charge last week, while I was feeling under the weather,
I had a bit of time to do some lovely card making to make me feel brighter.

I have been in a lot of pain and discomfort in my stomach which made me
a 'miserable bee',
not the 'busy bee' I normally like to be.
The doctor thinks I could have a stomach ulcer or gallstones
so I am waiting for an ultrasound scan now. 
However, I am pleased to say I think the tablets are helping 
which is a great relief and
I am starting to feel a bit better.

 I am having to eat lightly, and avoid all things spicy. 
But my mind has been conjuring up images of curries,
spicy tomato pasta, chocolate and cream cakes just to taunt me a bit more! 
It is always the way, you always want the things you can't have.

So to keep my mind off all edible lovelies,
I have been creating some Greetings Cards for my shops:

6 cards, 3 each of 2 designs
of my favourite 'little teapot' and vintage 'little handbag'
photos with inserts and matching envelopes
perfect for an everyday ocassion card,
notelet, birthdays and thank you notes etc

These little beauties come in their own gift bag, with the cards wrapped  in a beautiful ribbon.
A perfect gift for Mother's Day.
My mum loves sending cards with her latest news to her friends.

priced at £10.00

Inspired by Valentine's day, I created these lovely
Heart greetings cards.

3 cards, one of each design
gold heart
white heart
retro pink fabric heart

with inserts and envelopes

These beauties are great for anniversaries, birthdays, thank you notes, valentines, weddings.

£5.00 for 3 cards

I hope you have had a good start to the week

Bee x

o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o

1 comment:

LittleRed said...

LOVE that little teapot card:) Glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better!

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