Thursday, 11 February 2010

Pin Cushion and Storage Jar Make Over

Coffee Jar Make Over

Yesterday, I was a busy, busy, bee. 
Not only did I come up with the Valentines Heart Cards idea
but I recycled an old coffee jar into a beautiful storage jar for all my scissors, pens and pencils etc,
so that I can find them more easily,
and out of the lid, I made a pin cushion from scraps of trial knitting pieces.

I am often making items for other people as gifts so it was nice to make something for myself.

Here's what I used:

An old coffee jar and lid
a vintage crocheted doily
deep pink velvet ribbon
Pink embroidered ribbon
spray mount

I cut the doily in half and sprayed one side with spray mount and repeated
it with the other side

I then did the same with the pink embroidered ribbon and
placed it around the bottom of the jar to cover the cut edge of the doily

I tied the deep pink velvet ribbon around the top of the jar for decoration

Here it is!
A storage jar beauty!

o x o x o

For the pin cushion

I used:

A scouring pad
knitted scrap of fabric
felt or scrap of fabric for base
coffee jar lid
embroidery thread
vintage button
spray mount
large sewing needle

I cut up a scouring pad into 4 pieces
covered it with wadding
and then the knitted fabric and stitched it into a ball

I used pink embroidery thread and stitched this around the ball,
 in seven sections to create the flower shape
and then stitched on vintage baby pink button on top to cover the stitches

I covered the coffee jar lid with a strip of pink embroidered ribbon attached with spray mount
and then stuck the grey knitted ball into the lid

I cut a circle of pale felt and stuck it to the bottom of the lid
for a non slip surface

Here it is!
A beautiful grey and pink flower pin cushion

Bee x

o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o


LittleRed said...

What a pretty and useful project! Thanks for sharing:)

Penny said...

Ooh it looks so pretty! What a great use for an old jar!

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