Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My Crochet Hook - Where do all the lost things go?

stack 'em high

I bet you have lost things that are never found again and wonder where they have disappeared to, and searching for them has driven you to despair.

So far I have lost a very small flash drive which was put in that all illusive ‘safe place’ because I thought I could loose it and now have lost it (the stick) not my sanity, not yet anyway! And now, my faithful little hook, my crochet hook No 5. In fact , it is my second one I have lost this year!

Just at that time of day when you want to sit down and relax in front of the telly and crochet away the stress of the day, I sit down (not for very long I hasten to add) to a beautiful selection of colourful wool and then to my dismay, no hook.

crochet granny squares

This is all I need today I say. I then start my search for the illusive hook which could not be found even though I turned my flat upside down. So the mystery of the lost crochet hooks continue, along with the little flash drive, I wonder where they have gone. I think the pesky little pixies come in during the day and night to move things just to play a game and have some fun. Or the fairies think that the items are needed by someone else so the carry them off to another place.

The funny thing is they will probably turn up when I am not looking for them when I least expect it and i’ll cry ‘there it is’, I looked there, as if someone has placed it right in front of my very eyes where I have searched about 20 times.

so many colours

Three guesses what I will be buying today. I tried, in vain, with a plastic Crochet Hook No 6, and realised that I prefer the metal ones. I am going to get a couple and maybe even get a wooden one to try as these seem to be all the rage these days.  So no crocheting was done yesterday much to my dismay. So far I have 30 granny squares for my blanket and counting …………….

Any suggestions on where my ‘lost things’ have gone, will be greatly appreciated.

Bee x

the stack and rising
P.s it was the day of losing things yesterday, because I even misplaced my mobile but it was found!
o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o 


Monali Mishra said...

Hi.I love your blog n creativity.Your articles are so funny n interesting that i couldn't just read one,have to go through many just to get a taste of your humor. I am also suffering from magical beings taking my favorite items out of sight(may be we are some special people who know they exist so they are hiding our things,to keep our mouths shut;) .So when i couldn't find something,i search for it in the least expecting places.Like,last time when my row counter went missing,i search it in kitchen cupboard n voila..found it.Still wondering how it went there????

Bee said...

thanks for your lovely words on my blog. I will have to start writing again, have been a bit poorly so not been in the right mood but your lovely words have given me a boost. bee x

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