Monday, 12 September 2011

Knitting keeps me Sane!!!

I apologise for not being around much last week. 
The 'coughes and sneezes' season has started already as I picked up a cold and I feel that I haven't caught up with myself yet! However, I think I am on the mend now.

I also have been dealing with my neighbour's landlord as her shower has been leaking into  my flat into my kitchen cupboards causing damp and mold to grow as I can't use my kitchen cupboards.  It is not pleasant, and after many phone calls I have to get the work done myself and claim on my insurance.  Nothing seems to go straight forward anymore. 

Anyway, enough about boring stuff and annoyances, I have been knitting a lovely slip over top from a pattern by Debbie Bliss from her Fall/Winter 2008 Magazine.

as shown on the cover

I am using a chunky yarn, in a dark grey in a wool/acrylic mix. 
I would love to be able to knit with pure wool and use the top designer yarns
but my purse doesn't allow. 
So we will have to wait and see if it is a good substitute. I did do a tension swatch and adjusted needle size so all being well ........


 It consists of moss stitch which is one of my favourite stitches since I mastered the art of it and the front has a lovely big cable to do.

I don't knit many items for myself so this will be a treat and I think it will suit me.

I also whipped up a little tea cosy when I was away last week which is here

and added some crochet edging and a crochet flower.

I love knitting these, as they are very quick projects to do and I used up some of the yarn leftover from the 'cute little knitted dress'.

Have a lovely week

bee x

o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x



Sam Findlay said...

Hi Bee! Love the tea cosy, those colours are gorgeous together and the crochet flower is lovely! Good luck with your top, it looks great so far! I love knitting gifts for people but something just for you is important I think! Hope you get your kitchen fixed soon! Sam x

Bee said...

Thanks Sam, I think it is working with the substitute yarn, but I worry about the fit so it could tight or baggy, either way I think it shouldn't matter too much. Have a good week. bee x

magie said...

Ah yes, cold season has started. I have just caught one, I felt it start yesterday..tissues at the ready :P
I hope it won't be too much work to get the kitchen sorted..that is so unfair and must be so frustrating.
The sweater top looks like a nice pattern..nice and cosy!
Very pretty teapot cosy..I love those two colours together :)

♥ Miss Tea said...

sorry to hear about your prob with the neighbor's landlord, hope u get over the coughs and sneezes! i adore your tea cosy! so cuteee. the debbie bliss slip over top looks lovely! always wanted to make something like that but sadly right now i can only know how to knit and purl and cast off :) x susan

Bee said...

Thanks Magie, hope you feel better soon, me too on the the kitchen front! bee x

Bee said...

Hi Susan, thanks for kind words, keep practising the knitting and you will get there :) bee x

Anonymous said...

knitting is calming - well as long as it all goes to pattern! I need to pick up my needles and finish the project I started in August. Chunky moss stitch delicious!

Vintage Milly said...

Hi Bee, hope you are having a lovely day. You will have to let us have a peek at your finished project, love the colour. Your teapot cover is just so very cheery too it makes me smile.
big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Love the dark grey yarn. Perfect colour!

Annemarie said...

That grey yarn is stunning!
I have a link party at my blog right now. I would love it if you linked up one of your projects. Have a nice day!

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