Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Vintage Suitcase Makeover

Two little lost suitcases got a bit of tlc .........


On a recent treasure hunting afternoon, I spotted these two rather shabby cream 1950's suitcases looking rather sorry for themselves. 

 I fell in love with their shape and thought, 'can I upcycle them in some way'? 
So after a little deliberation, I bought them home with me!

After a good scrub they came up a bit better .....

But I felt they needed a bit more improvement so
I gave them a couple of coats of emulsion.  I used the colour called
James White from Farrow and Ball
and then gave them a buff up with some clear wax which made the paint shine.

On another treasure hunting afternoon, I found this vintage floral wallpaper for 50p and thought it would be great for covering my vintage suitcases with, so ..........

I covered the two suitcases, front and back, with this pretty floral wallpaper.  I stuck it on with wall paper paste as I seemed to have run out of pva.  It worked a treat and the wallpaper was really easy to apply.   

Then I thought they needed something extra!
So I rummaged through my collection of doilies and found these suitable subjects. 
I stuck them on with fabric glue which dries clear.

Here are the beauties in the restored and upcycled glory.

The whole project must have cost me under £5.00 which I love as my pocket money is in limited supply right now!

bee x

o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o


Sam Findlay said...

These look gorgeous!

Bee said...

thanks Sam, they were fun to do and good to see the results beex

B............... said...

Agree with Sam, they look blummin gorgeous!

B xxx

Bee said...

thanks B x

Anonymous said...

very cute!

Technology Student said...

This luggage is absolutely lovely! Do you make these to sell? I am looking for a vintage train case or hat box made to look beautiful by upcycling.

Bee said...

Hi Technology Student, I made these for myself when I found the suitcases in need of repair, which were a one off find. If I do find some more, I will definitely be able to make some to sell.

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