Monday, 25 July 2011

Crochet Coaster Pattern

I found this beautiful crochet pattern over at  Yvestown blog for crochet coasters and thought they look really pretty and easy to do so I thought I would give the pattern ago. 

After following the pattern, and making one coaster up to the instructions, I realised that the Yvestown pattern was in US crochet terminology and this was the result ......

although cute in itself, it wasn't what I was expecting,
it should have looked like this one .....

I realised that I needed to convert the pattern to UK crochet terminology so I did and changed the pattern a bit.

My UK Crochet Coaster Pattern as follows:

You will need:

DK Cotton, I used cotton yarn from both Rowan and Patons collection
 4mm hook (Size 8) or a 3.50mm hook depending on your tension
tapestry needle
steam iron
Stitches used:

Slip Stitch - SS
Double Crochet - DC
Treble - Trb
Chain - C

To Start:
Make 8 ch, close as a ring with a ss.
Row 1:
Make 2 ch, 23 dc in ring, close with a ss in the 2nd ch of the beginning of this row.
Row 2:
Make 4 ch, 1 trb in the closing ss of the previous row; 1 ch *skip 2 st; in the next st: 1 trb, 2 ch, 1 trb; 1 ch* Repeat 7x from *to*. Close row with a ss in the 2nd ch (of 4) of the start.
Row 3:
Make 2 ch; 1 trb, 2 ch, 2 trb under the 2 ch of the previous row; 1 sc under the 1 ch *2 trb, 2 ch, 2 trb as before; 1 sc as before*. Repeat 7 x from *to*. Close row with a ss in 2nd ch (of 2 ) of the start.
Row 4:
No build up with ch as before; then make 3 trb, 1 ch, 3 trb under the 2 ch of the previous row; 1 sc to the left and right of the sc of the previous row. Repeat 8x and close with a ss in the first st of the row.
to finish:

Bind off with a ss.

Sew in ends with a tapestry needle and press lightly with a steam iron. 

These are the ones I crocheted today:-

I think they are beautiful and will be crocheting some more no doubt.

Has anyone else had trouble with decoding UK and US crochet terminology in patterns?
How do you get around it?

Bee x

p.s. Many thanks to Yvestown for the original pattern idea

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Sam Findlay said...

These are lovely! Now if only I coul crochet!!

Bee said...

Hi Sam, Have a look on You Tube at the crochet videos on there, some are very good,the Videos by Crochet Geek are very informative, if you get a chance between all the lovely knitting you do. Bee x

Anonymous said...

These are really lovely, I will just have to learn to crochet!

Qaffka Crafts said...

Great design, really love the colours too!

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