Friday, 7 March 2014

Book Review - Yarn Works by W J Johnson

How to Spin, Dye, and Knit Your Own Yarn
by W J Johnson
I have been asked to review this wonderful new book which was released in January 2014 by Creative Publishing International and is a brilliant complete guide for any spinner, dyer and those who knit their own yarns.  
Being a novice spinner, just starting out, I think this book covers just about everything and anything to do with fibre preparation,and includes several knitting patterns suitable hand spun yarns.  It is one that I certainly would recommend for anyone interested in hand spinning and dyeing their own yarns.
  It is a complete source of valuable information and would be suitable for beginners to advance spinners alike. 
This book contains so much technical information, sections include: 
fibre source and preparation;
types of fibre - animal through to synthetic;
Tools and their uses;
Spinning, with a section on draw and wraps per inch;
Dyeing with synthetics and naturals and methods;
Knitting with your own hand spun and hand dyed yarns;
fibre appendices with micron info;
how to clean raw fleece;
fibre storage and pests;
mixing custom dyes;
record keeping,
together with a history of spinning and dyeing throughout the book.
W J Johnson, the Author, has been a spinner and artist for over thirty years and she is the founder of Saga Hill Design, where she produces her own dye line, designs and teaches fibre arts.

It is priced at £20.00
ISBN: 9781589237889

For further information contact 0207 284 9300
 all the images are used here with the kind permission of the publisher
Bee x

PS. I have been busy mastering the technique of American Long Draw
 and Navajo Plying this week,
 to some success and will show and tell next week. 

I am planning on having a dyeing session soon so watch this space! x

o x o x o x o x o x o

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