Friday, 4 January 2013

Weekend Reading - Yarn Related

NEW FOR 2013

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As we have all welcomed in the New Year,
I thought I would try something new and blog about some of the items I have found this week on the web. 
I have compiled a reading list of things you might like to read or view (isn't this just like being back at school?  I can hear you all groaning!). 
How often I get around to doing this, I don't know! 
I am a bit of random blogger but
I am aiming high and promise to 'do my best' - Guides Honour!
So we might not see this every Friday!!
But Here Goes:
1. Knitting is the new YOGA - so I ask, 'can we think of it as exercise now?' that would be handy!

2. Crochet is trendier than Knitting at the mo!
I've always done both and will continue to do so. I love the flexibility of crochet but I love the feel of knitting too.

3.  This is a bit geeky and funny

4. A lovely free Crochet pattern for a headband!

5. A creative month of moments - I love these words they are so inspiring.

I hope you find them interesting and fun

bee x

thanks to the Graphics Fairy for the image

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